Interested in Helping a Friend?

Adopt-a-Shelf volunteers help keep the library tidy and accessible by maintaining orderly shelves, making sure books, DVDs, and audiobooks are in good condition for loan, and reducing the frustration our patrons experience when books are misplaced.

Adopt-a-shelf volunteers donate their time to care for one section of the library by “adopting” that section. Sections are assigned based on volunteer interest and availability. All Adopt-a-Shelf volunteers commit to caring for their section for a minimum of a few hours each month; however, they are welcome to spend more time if they like. Responsibilities include keeping books in numeric or alphabetical order, checking the condition of books, assuring that each book belongs to Oakfield Public Library, and dusting or cleaning shelves as needed.

Stop by to sign up, or contact the Friends of Oakfield Library at 920-517-7832.